Tuesday, January 19, 2010

winter 2009

the last rose
still attached...
four degrees of frost

3lights gallery 01/09

January wind
already the year
has aged

when birdsong
rumpled the morning air...
today, icicles

low winter fog
I lift the last strawberries
from my freezer

frozen mud —
everything I want to say
has been said before


Daily Haiga 11/09

hoarfrost —
the letter I don't want
to write

Notes from the Gean 12/09

the shape
of children's laughter —
frosted window

World Haiku Review 03/09

deep winter
I walk the wind
into twilight

Roadrunner 02/09


some days are better than others... ;)

one foot
in the tub —

snowless Olympics
I stare at my mountain
of kleenex

hometown visit —
again I find myself
on the wrong road

another yawn —
winter moon


this cold night...
a child's hunger embedded
in pixels

The Heron's Nest 03/09

climate change—
his small hands cradle
grandma’s snowglobe

Haiku News 12/09

the weight of so many
broken buildings

weather in Haiti
"this station
not reporting"

earthquake news...
I give my grandchildren
an extra hug



Bugle notes vibrate the autumn air and a shiver goes down my back. Then, silence. Shadowy figures move across the wet grass. One by one, poppy wreaths are set in place.

for a moment, the shape
of the fog

The sun finally disperses the morning mist as people walk quietly to their cars. I stand under a maple tree, watching from a distance, my lips trembling.

where is it now—
the wind that felled
this leaf

(Remembrance Day...in memory of my husband)