Sunday, September 30, 2012

summer 2012

I ponder
the meaning of hope...
dandelion summer

a cobweb
sways in the sun —
my landlord's height

quiet pond —
dragonfly wings
stroke the sunlight

threading through
a weeping willow —
sunlit laughter

sunset colors!
I forgot to recharge
the batteries

the fly that made its last move
in my kitchen

spaces widen
between the clouds —
my unwritten letter

Friday, June 29, 2012

spring 2012

late snowfall
I search for yesterday's
spring feeling

opening day
another honey bee
finds the crocus
       The Haiku News

a tiny spider
in its tiny web...
distant thunder

so many smiles!
the buoyancy
of tulips

the sound
of Earth Hour

after the rain...
how many colors
in sunlight?

his kite dip and soar —
too soon, nightfall

halfway through
my day of gardening...
weeds have a life too

one small cloud
aglow with sunlight —
pension day

Thursday, May 10, 2012

winter 2011 - 12

a small town pauses...
the weight of winter grey
on a fireman's coffin

winter sun
the tallest juniper adorned
with waxwings

his dour face —
the snowy driveway

faded valentine...
winter fog presses
against the window

box of keepsakes
reshapes the willow

my grandson's birthday —
another global threat
in the news

snow, sun, rain...
wishing I could wake up
the crocus